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If you’re looking into delivering goods, cargo, and packages nationally, often road freight in Australia strikes a balance between cost-efficiency and speedy delivery. More often than not, road freight is the easiest way of transporting things between states, especially because some places are in hard-to-reach areas by any other modes of transport.

For an in-depth look into interstate transport services, Express Link will help you with all the information you need to decide if this mode of transportation is suitable to your business.

What To Know About Road Freight in Australia

Road freight offers the benefit of versatility in terms of what you can transport. It’s an especially attractive option to those looking to transport bulky and heavy goods across state lines and to some of the more remote regions of our country.

Some examples of what you can use road freight in Australia to transport include:

  • Electronic Goods
  • Medicine
  • Food (Perishable and Non-Perishable)
  • Construction Materials
  • Animals and Livestock
  • Temperature-Sensitive Goods
  • Fragile and Valuable Goods
  • Steel and Industrial Products
  • Dangerous Goods

Transporting via our roads is more cost-effective than air freight and faster than sea freight, which adds to its allure for businesses that need to send goods from Perth to Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia.

What Do Interstate Transport Services Involve?

While the services that various interstate couriers and freight forwarders may differ significantly between companies, we can speak to the services that you should be on the lookout for when choosing an interstate courier.

Some of the services and offerings you should look for in a freight forwarder include:

  • A wide range of trucks that will suit your needs.
  • The option of tracking your road freight shipment online.
  • Flexibility around what you can ship.
  • Well-maintained fleets of trucks
  • Express road freight services for urgent deliveries.
  • Modern technology for the management and tracking of shipments.

If you’re looking for a freight forwarding company in Perth that offers all of the above and more, look no further than Express Link. We provide efficient and safe transport of all manner of goods via road freight. When you leave your cargo in our hands, you can rest assured that it will reach its destination on time, every time. Find out more about our interstate transport services, here.

Use Our Interstate Freight Calculator

Express Link creates all quotes on a case by case basis, so every client gets a unique quote based on their requirements.

However, as a general guide, several aspects impact how much you will be charged to ship items across state lines via road freight, including:

  • What you plan on shipping and whether it’s General or Specialised Cargo. Certain items, like dangerous goods, will cost more to ship.
  • The overall size, weight, and dimensions of your cargo – the bigger or heavier it is, the more it’ll cost to transport.
  • Your time requirements. Express road freight, for example, will cost more than our other options because of how quickly we can get your cargo to its destination.

If you’d like to get an idea of how much your cargo will cost to transport before getting a quote from us, we recommend you make use of our interstate freight calculator

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Express Link has provided a variety of customers with interstate transport services for over 20 years and has the staff, technology, and knowledge required to deliver your goods safely and on time every time.

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