Sea Freight Rates from Australia

Sea freight from Australia is one of the more cost-effective routes to take. This is especially true for shipments that weigh over 120kg, as sea freight rates are often calculated per kg.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with sea freight rates and how they’re calculated, it might seem a little confusing. But not to worry, we have the answers to your questions:

What Does a Sea Freight Broker Do?

Before we go into details on sea freight rates from Australia, it’s important for you to familiarise yourself with what a sea freight broker is and what it is they do. Essentially, a freight broker can be a company or an individual employee at a freight forwarder who is tasked with matching shippers with transportation services. They do this to provide you with the most cost-effective and suitable method of transportation for your parcel or cargo. Additionally, a sea freight broker is responsible for coordinating and managing the entire shipping process.

Understanding Sea Freight Rates from Australia

The first thing you need to know about sea freight is that the reason it’s a more affordable alternative to air freight is because of the time it takes for your cargo to reach its destination. So, if you aren’t in too much of a hurry to get your goods to their destination, sea freight is worth considering.

Additionally, the sea freight rates from Australia that we offer here at Express-Link are calculated on a case by case basis. We treat every customer as an individual, and because shipments can vary, the costs to move them can too.

Some of the factors that will determine the sea freight estimate we provide you with include:

  • The size of the cargo
  • The weight of the cargo
  • Your required delivery timeframe
  • Whether or not your cargo is general or specialised

But, if you want a better idea of how much a shipment is going to cost you, you can get an idea by generating a quote on our website.

Sea Freight Destination Terminal Charge Estimate

It’s important to note that different countries and regions will charge different rates when your cargo enters its destination terminal.

To help give you an idea of what certain regions charge, see the details below. However, please note that these sea freight charges are meant to be an estimate only and are subject to change without notice:

  • North America – Approximately $200 – $400 (USD)
  • South America – Approximately $300 – $400 (USD)
  • Europe – Approximately €300 – €400 (EUR)
  • Africa – Approximately $200 – $400 (USD)
  • Asia – Approximately $100 – $250 (USD)
  • New Zealand – Approximately $150 – $250 (NZD)
  • The UK – Approximately £100 – £200 (GBP)

Use Our Sea Freight Calculator

We understand that before you decide to use our services that you’ll want an accurate depiction of how much it could cost you to ship your cargo through us. This is why we’ve developed a sea freight calculator that allows you to get an overview of how much we will charge to ship your specific cargo or package.

We Offer Sea Freight Tracking & More

As professional freight forwarders, Express-Link offers the seamless transport of your cargo from our shores to another. We offer 20- to 40-foot full container loads, meaning you can transport bulky items easily. Additionally, we offer sea freight container tracking online, so you’ll know where your cargo is at any given point on its journey to its final destination.

Find out more about our sea freight shipping services, or contact us today to get answers to any freight-related questions you have for our team.


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