Express-Link can transport any object to any location, anywhere in the world. That’s why we are Western Australia’s most trusted national and international transport provider. By road, air or sea, Express-Link deliver on time, to total client satisfaction.

road freight
Road Freight
Providing a trustworthy fleet and a well-established delivery network, Express Link offers reliable road freight transport in Australia. Our road freight service is suitable for any kind of freight. Whether parcels, pallets or crates, we will deliver to any location across Australia.
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sea freight
Sea Freight
Express Link provide a comprehensive sea freight service which covers not only the international sea freight transport of your shipment, but also customs clearance and coordinating additional delivery from port to your door, according to your requirements.
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air freight
Air Express
Express Link offers air freight services through our global network. Our service runs for 24 hours, seven days a week, providing a door to door overnight service to capital cities. We also offer a second day delivery service to country centres.
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freight protection
Customs Clearance
If you are looking into shipping internationally but don’t know where to start, Express Link has a full suite of international freight services that ensure you peace of mind when using us for your overseas shipping. From door to door, our specialist international courier team offers superior service, partnering with you to find solutions best suited to your requirements.
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rail freight
Rail Freight
Express Link operates efficient rail freight services across Australia. Rail freight is the most cost-effective option when transporting bulk cargo or large goods. Rail provides a network across the country to seamlessly transport heavy equipment to any location.
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timely delivery
Taxi Truck
Express Link provides taxi truck transport services for any destination across Australia. We have a full range of vehicles on call for local deliveries or for long-term contractual hire. Our fleet includes vans, trays, hydraulic tailgates, crane trucks and taut-liners, and a range of specialised vehicles on request
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