Rail Freight

Rail freight transportation of heavy equipment and shipping containers

Express Link operates efficient rail freight services across Australia. Rail freight is the most cost-effective option when transporting bulk cargo or large goods. Rail provides a network across the country to seamlessly transport heavy equipment to any location. Our interstate rail freight service operates daily between Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and regional country areas.

Why use rail?

Rail transport provides for the timely, cost-effective delivery of freight across Australia, making it an efficient transport solution. Many major industries rely on rail freight in the country. A wide variety of goods and materials can be transported by rail freight. If time is on your side, rail freight can provide you with significant savings in transport costs.

Why choose us?

Express Link provides a dedicated and experienced team for any rail solution across Australia. We use proven technology for tracking and monitoring, reporting any delays and the train running schedules. The drivers and team have vast experience in train operations, including heavy haulage for all types of commodities.

In addition to general cargo, we can transport any specialised freight including perishable and temperature controlled goods, dangerous goods, liquids, bulk commodities and machinery and equipment.

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