Rail Freight

Rail Freight

Express Link offers our clients efficient rail freight services that operate across Australia. With our dedicated team, level of experience, and the technology we use, we can ensure your cargo gets to its destination one time and in good condition.

There are many advantages to choosing to make use of our rail freight services. For one thing, it allows for the seamless transport of heavy equipment to virtually any location across the country.

Another benefit of using rail freight to transport your goods in Australia include the fact that while it may take a little longer to reach its destination than air freight, it’s much more cost-effective. With many industries across the country relying on rail freight to transport goods, merchandise, and more, efficiency is vital, which is something our team ensures.

We use tried and tested technology to track and monitor your shipment and will provide you with detailed updates on delays and the train running schedules. Additionally, we can assist you with transporting a host of goods via freight by rail. For example, we can transport general goods, as well as specialised freight that includes perishable and temperature-controlled goods, dangerous goods, liquids, bulk commodities, machinery, and equipment.

Aside from having an interstate rail freight service that operates daily between Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, and other regional country areas, we can provide rail freight from:

  • Sydney to Perth
  • Melbourne to Perth
  • Perth to Melbourne

To find out more about rail freight prices, we’d recommend that you generate a quote for yourself that stipulates all the necessary criteria.

Alternatively, you can always give us a call if you have any questions about our rail freight service offering. We’ll gladly listen to your requirements and advise you on the best option.

We always deliver.

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